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the saga of the fishermen family

the story of this "photographic saga" tells in "jpg" the life of a fishermen family in an idyll village in the bay of vlora, at the shore of the ionian sea
in albania.
almost every photo revolves around "anija e baçit" (baçi's ship) which is a source of revenue not only for the family but for the entire village.
this "photographic saga" reflects-as a roulette of life- generations of fishermen; from parents, children and the latter's offspring and their desire
to pass down the love for the nature and for the tradition.
nowadays, when the invasion of construction firms is replacing the green with the gray of the concrete, i would like to appeal to the inhabitants of the area not to let
the destruction of nature, traditions and the loss of on of the greatest and oldest profession of humanity-that of fishing- happen.

fate velaj,radhima-march 2011